TOKIMEKI Bluesky Documents

Documentation for TOKIMEKI Bluesky, the unofficial Bluesky Web client 💙


GitHub issues (opens in a new tab) or @holybea.bsky.app (opens in a new tab)

Requests for support for other languages are also welcome.

We are also open to pointing out mistranslations for multilingual support.

Useful features(PC)

Shortcut keys

  • n key: Start entering submissions
  • r key: Update timeline (top page only)
  • Ctrl + Alt + L + number : Like
  • Ctrl + Alt + S + number : Repost
  • Ctrl + Alt + M + number : Reply


Hover the mouse cursor over the name of each post to see the id, and hover the mouse cursor over the date and time, such as
xx minutes ago, to see the absolute time.